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Super Display : Use Smartphone As An Extra Monitor For Your PC/Laptop!

Super brush is now super Display! super Display turns your Android phone or tablet into a high-performance USB display with pressure support for Windows 10.

super display

Then is how to get started
① Download super Display from Google Play.
② Download the Windows motorist from https//superdisplay.app
③ Connect your device to your PC via USB.

super display

Alternate examiner
It turns your Android device into a movable USB display for your Windows 10 PC. Duplicate or extend your
the screen simply by plugging in your phone or tablet.
Superb performance
A laggy display is as good as no display. Super Display was erected with performance in mind, and we’re not hysterical to
show it. Try the app for free to see for yourself.
Pressure- perceptivity
Turn your Android device into a plates tablet and use apps like Adobe Photoshop ® through it. super display supports
pressure-sensitive styluses like the Samsung S Pen making it ideal for digital art and other creative work.
Adobe Photoshop ® is a registered trademark of Adobe in the United States and other countries.

Download Super Display



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