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6 New Secret WhatsApp Tricks & Hidden Features That Nobody Knows

Nowadays WhatsApp messenger is a part of our regular life. It helps us to stay connected with friends or families or to continue with business work. So here we bring some amazing tricks and hidden features of WhatsApp Messenger in this article. Let’s begin !!


1st Trick

You may call this a trick or a technical glitch of WhatsApp. Hopefully, we regularly face this problem that you send a message to a person but they don’t see the message intentionally or either he/she is busy or they have turned off the read receipts feature on their WhatsApp profile. But recently we found that we can solve this issue easily without adding any third-party app. Users need to send a 1-2 second audio message (anything) to the receiver and if they listen to it then you will be sure that they have read the previous messages also.


2nd Trick

We all know that a user who is sending a message on WhatsApp can delete the message within 1 hour of sending the message. So it is very annoying for the receiver to see such things and they feel if they can see the deleted messages. So here we found an app on Google Playstore that can help you to recover the deleted messages including any type of media file. The name of the app is WAMR: Recover deleted messages & status download, the app also helps to download anyone’s status from WhatsApp.

Download WAMR


3rd Trick

Now we are sharing an AutoClick app which will help you chat faster and automatically. After downloading the Auto Clicker app you have to give some permissions and enable the multi-target mode, after that, you will get to see a vertical box in the corner of the screen consisting a play icon, a plus symbol, a minus symbol, and settings and minimise sign. Triggers can be created by clicking the Plus sign, clicking the Play icon will start the app to do the automatic job.

Download Auto Clicker


4th Trick

This trick will help users who are lazy or who are in a hurry always and don’t want to waste their time by typing replies manually. Google brought an automatic replying app for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger named “Reply”. Just download the app and give permission that the app wants and fill up some basic details about you and your personal choices and you are ready to go.

For example, if someone wants to ask you that you are free today or not then the app will check your todo list and inform the person when you are free or not. Also, the app intelligently suggests some answers whenever you receive a message from any receiver. So with just one, you can send the reply by clicking anyone of the answer suggested by the app.

Download Reply (by Google)


5th Trick

To fight against fake news WhatsApp recently added a limitation on message forward feature. So if someone wants to forward some rumours/fake news then he/she can share that with a maximum of 5 people at once. This will reduce some fake news that is always being spread on WhatsApp. But if a normal person wants to forward some good stuff that may be jokes or wishes or anything else then they can’t forward it to many persons at once because of the limitation. So this trick is for them only, use the broadcast feature available on WhatsApp to send the message upto 256 persons at once and they will think that you have personally messaged them because those messages don’t have a tag of ‘forwarded message’.


6th Trick

In this last trick, we want to mention an app named WhatsMock – a fake chat maker. You may have seen many fake WhatsApp chat screenshot maker app, but this one will blow your mind. The app is just a replica of WhatsApp messenger which looks very similar to WhatsApp where you can create fake WhatsApp chats, fake WhatsApp Voice/Video Calls, fake profiles on WhatsApp, fake WhatsApp status, fake WhatsApp call logs.

The app can control both sides of the conversation with full emoji, image, video and audio support. You can customize every part of the fake chat including current status – online/typing/last seen, even a user can make a fake group chat. Basically its an all in one app that can create all types of fake things of WhatsApp.

Download WhatsMock


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