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Most Professional Camera App For Android: HedgeCam 2 (FREE)

HedgeCam 2 is a FREE camera app that gives you manual control for taking pictures and shooting videotape on your Android smartphone

hedgecam 2

hedgecam 2

* Flexible print and videotape settings.
* Support for focus modes, scene modes, color goods, white balance, ISO, and exposure compensation.
* Customizable stoner interface.
* Advanced selfie mode. Start firing by timekeeper, face recognition, or voice commands.
* Control by tackle keys. Separate settings for each key.
* Display the angle of the device.
* Face discovery support.
* Automatic image alignment grounded on accelerometer data. Now your prints will noway be overwhelmed by the horizon.
* Support of exposure type.
* HDR ( High Dynamic Range) and DRO ( Dynamic Range Optimization) print modes.
* Flexible settings of sounds the capability to turn off the sound of the shutter, elect the sound of the shutter (not supported
by all bias), acclimate the volume of sounds.
* Position of the interface for the right-hander or the left-hander.
* Contraptions that allow you to take a single click to take a print or start recording a videotape.
* Support for Camera2 API homemade focus distance; homemade ISO; homemade exposure time; homemade white balance
temperature; * RAW (DNG) files support.
* Focus likening mode.
The source law can be downloaded then-https//sourceforge.net/projects/hedgecam2/
Based on Open Camera source law.



Download Hedgecam 2



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