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Audio Relay : Convert Android Smartphone Into Wireless Speaker.

Use your phone as a wireless speaker for your computer.
Fluently admit all your PC audio over Wifi or USB with an audio relay.

audio relay

Hear the music, pictures, or games wirelessly on your Android device with no detention.
AudioRelay will transmit any audio, from any operation, that you can hear on your PC via Wifi or USB.
Operation exemplifications
– Wireless headphones Freely hear to the music or vids of your PC around the house
-Wireless jack extender Comfortably hear to your computer
– Ever hear to your PC
– Replace a computer speaker or a wireless speaker
– Examiner the PC audio or the PC’s microphone
– Cast the audio of your computer to your phone and also to another device via Bluetooth or the AUX jack
-Wireless audio sharing to multiple devices ( Decoration)

audio relay

Features of Audio Relay
-Easy to use, just launch the garçon and the app
. -Near to no quiescence on Wifi or via USB
– Ever control your device’s volume from your PC
-Automatic PC discovery
– Change the buffer settings to hear to music or reduce lags
-Uses audio contraction to reduce detainments (https//opus-codec.org/)
-Wireless audio harkening on multiple devices
– Play and pause playback directly from the announcement
-Customize the buffer settings
– Remove the advertisements
-All unborn decoration features
Rather than using a wireless connection, you can use USB tethering to fully remove the eventual lags and detainments!
Note that the performances can vary between Android bias and Wifi networks. To have the stylish wireless speaker
experience, make sure that your devices are not too far off of your router.
Constantly entering audio in real-time is ferocious, regularly check your battery position while streaming.
To hear music without audio interruptions, you should presumably change the buffer mode to” high”.
The app displays advertisements but does not do any audio interruption. 👍
Visit https//audiorelay.net to install the garçon on your PC.
At the moment, only Windows is supported.
The app uses the anchorages 59100 and 59200.

Download Audio Relay



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