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Clock -Vault : Hide Secret Photo and Video Locker for Android.

Clock Vault (Secret Photo locker & Video Locker) is a great sequestration protection app to keep it safe & fluently hide prints, hide vids within the private gallery to lock lines that you don’t want others to see in your device.

clock vault

Print videotape vault App for guarding your sequestration by keeping it safe behind the secret time word!

You can fluently manage the compendiums of the gallery to View, Import, Move & Export the filmland.
Punctuate Features
Hide Pictures: Fluently hide prints from your gallery to the secret vault with gallery timepiece vault. Now it has a print crop
and rotate features in Picture bystander within the timepiece app.
Hide Videos: You can hide videotape in numerous formats of pictures. You can also play videotape using another videotape
player app on your phone without unlocking the train.
Album Cover: You can set your asked reader cover inside your vault hidden compendiums. Also, you can set reader cover by
picture view screen options.
Strong Applock Protector: Lock Apps like Messenger, Gallery, Cybersurfer, Connections, Dispatch, or any other apps you
choose from this print vault-app cinch.
Launcher Icon: Change Make your secret Timepiece Icon indeed more secret with other icons like Whether, Music,
Break-in Alert: Automatic Capture a picture and mails to you the selfie print of anyone who tries to creak the security &
unlock apps behind you. You can also see & hide the filmland of the snooper from inside gallery timepiece vault compendiums.
Decoy Vault: Hide the lines in the bait vault when you input fake words to cover real gallery print cinch. It’s an alternate vault
with another word when you need.
Private Cybersurfer: Private web cybersurfer to download and Cinch prints, hide vids and music audios from Internet &
leaves no tracks in your system.
Video Player: Super Inbuilt Video player to watch vids inside videotape Vault. Supports videotape locker with numerous
Themes for Applock: Choose different types of app lock themes to bedeck your cinch screen, Elect your gallery image to set behind the app cinch screen.

clock vault

How to set up the word?
Step 1 Launch our gallery timepiece vault app and the timepiece hands will be moved at 0000 positions for setup.
Step 2 Move the hour or nanosecond timepiece hand to set an asked time word and press the middle button of the timepiece.
Step 3 Now repeat the same word and press the center button of the timepiece to confirm. The vault will be open!
How to unleash the app?
Step 1 Press the Center button of the timepiece. Hands will be moved to the 0000 positions.
Step 2 Now you can move the timepiece hour and nanosecond hands manually to your word position and press the Center button again to validate! That’s it! Now you can hide prints, vids & other secret lines.

IMPORTANT                                                                                                                Don’t uninstall this videotape vault-app before restoring your particular lines to the public gallery else it’ll be lost ever.
This app uses Device Director Authorization.
This app uses Availability services.

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