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Fulldive Browser: Fast Money Browser

Fulldive Browser may be a fast & secure mobile browser and empowers you to share the goodness.

With Fulldive Browser, you’ll earn money, cash rewards & gift cards just by browsing. it’s a secure & private browser with an adblocker. With customized feed and top news, you’ll swipe through your favorite content quickly.

Fulldive Browser may be a cash rewards browser that earns you money💰 & rewards💎 in gift cards by doing what you’re keen on – taking note of music, browsing, watching videos, video download, etc. Make money and obtain cash rewards!

Fulldive browser rewards you Coins, which you’ll spend on causes you support: feed children, plant trees, or save animals. otherwise, you can spend on cash rewards & gift cards. Earn coins by browsing on the Fulldive web browser!

Fulldive is a beat one browser. Add your social feeds: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube and top news & breaking news feeds like CNN, FOX, & CNBC.

Enhanced with adblocker, Fulldive Adblock, and popup blocker blocks unwanted ads and trackers during browsing.

Adblocker blocks annoying popups, banner ads, video ads and enables fast browsing. Fulldive may be a fast, safe & secure privacy browser with incognito private browser mode. Fulldive may be a privacy browser for personal browsing, up to 8x faster compared to Chrome.

Fulldive may be a social browser that allows you to chat and discuss any website. Chat, tag, and obtain a notification on trending top news, right the online browser URL.



🔸Share goodness, earn money, cash rewards, and gift cards

Get coins, money & cash rewards just by browsing. Spend it on good causes you support: feed children in poverty, plant trees, or save animals and make the planet a far better place.

– Passive income for some time spent on the online browser
– Free money, cash rewards & gift cards & support charities you’re keen on

🔸Personal beat one Browser

Browse your favorite social feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and your favorite breaking news feeds in one place. you’re always up so far on the newest news.

– Add news feeds like CNN, CNBC, WSJ, NYT
– Add social feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube

🔸Easy thanks to accessing your beat one, right your Lockscreen

With Fulldive lock screen, you’ll see trending news, search online, and access your favorite apps right on your lock screen.

‐ Swipe right your lock screen to ascertain trending news
‐ Swipe abreast of your lock screen to urge access to recently opened apps and app shortcuts
‐ Swipe down on your lock screen to access notifications


🔸Fast, Safe & Secure Browser with Adblock

Fulldive may be a private browser, a secure browser & a secure browser. With our ad blocker and popup blocker, your privacy browser is optimized with Fulldive as a quick private browser. You’ll still earn money if you switch off this feature.

– Blazing fast Browser
– Adblocker & popup blocker. Our AdBlock will block unwanted ads and trackers
– Privacy browser with incognito mode. Secure & private Browser which allows you to browse without your browsing history recorded. 

🔸Social Browser

A social browser that allows you to chat and comment directly on any website. Earn coins and make money & cash rewards once you spent longer on the Browser.

– Chat and comment with friends and strangers right the online page
– Tag friends and share your social feed and breaking news

🔸Features you’ll love

Fulldive Browser comes with all the necessities. Bookmark your favorite pages. Browse privately on Private Tabs. Manage your Downloads and History. Browse without interruptions with Reader Mode. Watch and play curated video channels and web games. And in fact, Fulldive Browser comes ready with Dark Mode.


🔸Connect with Fulldive VR

Fulldive Browser is connected to Fulldive VR, a social all-in-one VR platform, where you’ll browse many computer game videos, games & apps.

use this PROMO CODE: D3HYG in the App to get extra cash with Fulldive browser.


Fulldive Browser: Fast Money Browser




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