10 Most Amazing Free website For Everyone.


Here are the 10 amazing websites on the web.

Actually, I’m an explorer. I prefer to go to different sites a day. We have a couple of better ideas. Here’s a shortlist of the foremost wonderfully entertaining places to waste time on the web outside of email and social media. prepare to bookmark your favorites.
during this post, I’m getting to tell you 10 amazing mind-blowing sites on the webyou’ll visit them by clicking on the link. If you’re checking out the highest 10 websites. Then you’re at the proper place.

  • price history
  • jagranjosh
  • Is It Down Right Now?
  • Feedly
  • We Transfer
  • Fromsmash
  • 123APPS
  • Saymine
  • pointer pointer

Price History may be a free price tracker that helps you to save lots of money while shopping online on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and lots of stores. we offer advanced Price Tracking, Price History charts, Price Drop Alerts, Stock Alerts on our platform. You might have seen price fluctuations in these big e-commerce stores? Haven’t you?
One day you see a product listed for lower cost and another day you come to shop for an equivalent product and the price is increased? this is often quite a common problem with almost every product and each store.
Most people want to shop for the simplest products at their real value, that’s where Price History kicks in. We track the price of products for you! you only enter the URL on our website otherwise you also can download the Price History app from App Store or Play Store.


In today’s scenario, competition is at its peak, be it in any field. within a country like India where the availability of opportunities is considerably less with regards to its demand, only guided efforts are more likely to excel. Preparing for any exam isn’t a simple task. Resource collection, optimum study plan, quality tutorials, practice exercises, tips & advice, on-time notifications are all tough issues to manage with their sky-high cost. so as to ease such non-productive issues for the scholar community & with an aim to

Jagran Prakashan Limited (JPL), India’s pioneer publication house with a pan India presence and wide reader base, has launched its “Education Web Portal” JagranJosh.com
JagranJosh.com currently caters to the aspirants preparing for various competitive exams under various levels of the present Affairs and therefore the GK section of JagranJosh.com is the foremost popular among the aspirants. Jagran Josh help students preparing for various competitive exams in getting

  • Jubilant study material & Best e-Books
  • Online practice tests & Solved Question Papers
  • Sincere QnA approach & Expert advice
  • Helpful tips & strategies, personalized alerts & notifications on examinations & recruitments

Students can access JagranJosh.com even on the move through its FREE Android mobile apps & also can get real-time alerts on various topics through FREE SMS service. Josh Apps are best rated (4.38 out of 5) by the app users & are among the Top-10 apps on Google Play Store



Isitdownrightnow.com helps you discover whether the website you’re trying to browse is down or not. Check if the website is down only for you or everyone around the globe. All you’ve got to try to do is type the name of the website you would like to see and a fresh site status test is going to be performed on the name in real time using our online website checker tool. Isitdownrightnow.com isn’t affiliated with or endorsed by the services monitored on this website.


Feedly helps you retain up with the topics and trends that matter most to you, without the overwhelm. We’ll show you ways to urge started.
The best thanks to starting maintaining what’s important to you are to feature your favorite sources to your Feedly.
A source may be a place where information comes from. once you add sources to your Feedly, you’ll be ready to monitor all of them in one place.


Having made our name within the game of quick and straightforward file-sharing, WeTransfer has grown into a set of tools designed for and inspired by the creative process. As we still evolve, creativity remains at the guts of everything we do. Because while not every idea will change the planet, every world-changing idea has got to start somewhere.


Like many ideas, Smash is that the result of frustration: the services wont to send files securely are too complicated and too expensive. This often leads employees in enterprises to resort to tools that are certainly simpler to handle, but they’re not always secure, and that they rarely enhance the enterprise’s image. As for independent professionals who don’t have access to services reserved for enterprises, they’re sometimes obliged to resort to less efficient services corrupt by advertising. during this game, nobody wins.

With Smash, enterprises not need to compromise between simplicity and security. As for independent professionals, they will access a service that’s both efficient and ad-free. we’ve launched Smash to supply a top-quality solution to the eternal choice between control and trust, between cost and benefits. Our service is meant to be simple and secure, fast and image enhancing. it’s been conceived to adapt to the new needs of enterprises and independent professionals.


No registration is important for the utilization of our Services. We don’t collect any personally identifiable information, your IP address, or the other Information which either alone or in reference to other data are often wont to identify you.
123Apps is simply very easy to use! The interface is clean and straightforward, with obvious buttons that make the functionality really clear and usable. I also adore the website design with the great bright graphic symbols! It’s great to possess a free online tool to form basic audio edits – something I used recently to record, cut, and join various audio files to travel with a Prezi presentation!


Welcome to Pixlr the web Photo Editor that allows you to edit photos and make great designs right in your browser for free of charge. Experience next-level, intuitive photo editing and graphical design with AI-powered tools for quick yet professional edits. Our editor opens almost any image format like PSD (Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG, and more. Start from an empty canvas or select one among our professionally crafted templates.


Your digital footprint consists of private data traces that you simply leave behind whenever you interact on the web. Having a digital footprint is a component of recent life. This, however, doesn’t mean that we should always leave unnecessary data behind which will expose us to digital risks. Minimize your online risks by keeping a little digital footprint.


The site simply requires you to maneuver your cursor–aka pointer—to some extent on your display screen. Once your cursor remains, a photograph of an individual pointing at your pointer appears. Move your cursor, and up pops another photo of an individual pointing at your pointer. Slide your cursor to a different location on the screen, and, well, you catch on. The photos are pretty random. tons of the pictures are of children pointing while partying. there’s also a man on a ship holding a beer and pointing, a Baltimore oriole walking onto the sector pointing and a toddler sitting in his seat pointing. A hidden Facebook Like button is revealed after you’ve got seen a minimum of five photos of individuals pointing.



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