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Snap Search: Truly Private Browser for Android Phone.

Snap Search is a free private incognito cybersurfer for Android with everything you need to be packed into one bitsy little app.

Stay truly safe each time you exit the cybersurfer, everything you’ve done in the app will be canceled, including history, eyefuls, and sessions. Snap search is in endless innominate cybersurfer mode.

snap search

Then is what makes Snap Search the stylish
⚡️ FIRST Private Cybersurfer that asks for ZERO warrants
⚡️ The most advanced Announcement, Analytics and Tracker Blocker
⚡️ Restate All Websites (Supports further than 100 Languages)
⚡️ Private Cybersurfer with VPN Proxy mode, and TOR Mode
⚡️ 60 Hunt Machines for Android
⚡️ Floating Incognito Browser
⚡️ Secure Reader Mode for Websites
⚡️ Secure Dark Mode for Websites
⚡️ Edit Websites
⚡️ Download Vids from popular websites
⚡️ Download & Save Web Pages Offline
⚡️ Home Screen Contraptions
⚡️ So much more.

snap search


🕵🏻‍♂️ Search Machines for Android
We support the secret hunt for the world’s top hunt machines, like Google, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Bing, Ecosia, Mojeek,
Yandex and further. We also boast of the largest list of top Hunt Machines for Android
✅ Free Private Incognito Browser with ZERO Warrants
We do not ask for critical warrants like Location or Accounts like other cybersurfers like Chrome, DuckDuckGo, Firefox,
Brave etc. This prevents others from penetrating it through us as well.
🌍 VPN Mode for the Secret Browser
Use VPN mode and connect to USA, UK, Canada, or further and hide your IP Address- Nothing can track you-not indeed
your ISP, network, or government!
Escarpment Cybersurfer for redundant security
That is right-you can customize your private cybersurfer experience online by indeed browsing using Escarpment mode.
✅ No, Subscribe Up
NO, Subscribe Up or Accounts ever, it’s a FREE private cybersurfer for all!
.🔗 Floating Windows
Quick hunt and browse websites, watch vids, sluice content or do anything while using other apps with floating cybersurfer
for Android!
. 🤫 Incognito Keyboard
The keyboard does not remember or learn the words you type, enabling 100 private browsings.
✏️ Edit Websites
You can truly edit the content of any website you visit, while still staying hidden in the Super Incognito Mode.
🌓 Dark Mode
Browse any website in a beautiful dark mode while maintaining a private hunt and still staying safe and secure in innominate
👓 Reader Mode
Remove gratuitous distractions and read your content in peace while keeping private hunt and staying safe and secure in
innominate mode.
📱 Contraptions
With contraptions on the home screen, you can secure hunt in Incognito Mode in just 1 valve.
🗣 Restate Websites
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For the first time, restate websites on Android into further than 100 supported languages. Securely Browse the web in the language of your choice. snap search

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