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Mutify – Mute annoying ads Free for Android

Mutify is the stylish Spotify announcement silencing app you can get. That’s fully free and works in the background.

Whenever Mutify detects an announcement is playing on Spotify, it helps you turn down the volume of the advertisements automatically, so that you can sit back and enjoy harkening to your favorite music without fussing about those annoyingly loud advertisements.
• You MUST enable’ Device Broadcast Status’in Spotify settings for Mutify to work.
• Please add Mutify to the battery saving exceptions list to make sure it works uninterruptedly in the background ( voluntary).


★ Simple and Clean Stoner interface app while esteeming stoner’s sequestration.< 3
★ Lets you hear advertisements at reduced volume rather than complete silence.
★ Bus-mute advertisements when changing tracks using in-app media controls.
★ Quick- setting pipe to quick- launch Mutify from status bar.
★ Capability to launch Spotify automatically.
★ Consumes minimum battery.
★ Light & Dark mode UI.
★ Manual mute/ unmute buttons.
★ Control the media without leaving the app.
★ And last but not least-an a factual authorization-free app!!
Note Mutify is NOT an announcement blocker; it just helps you lower the device’s volume whenever an announcement is detected playing. So, it doesn’t intrude with your Spotify app or ask for any gratuitous warrants to work.

• Spotify Lite is NOT supported! It doesn’t have the‘ Device Broadcast Status’ point to work with Mutiny.
• Mutify does NOT support casting bias, because there is no way it can control volume for those biases! Still, if your casting device supports pairing via Bluetooth, Mutify should work for you!
Inventor Note-Mutify is developed and maintained by an individual dev, completely free of cost. Dispensable to say, I work on it part-time only. So please don’t shoot any gratuitous point requests that do not entertain the app’s core functionality. Being a Spotify addict myself, I authentically believe that this app will ameliorate the music-harkening experience for those who can not go Spotify decoration at the moment. Still, if you want to enjoy the music harkening experience to the fullest-I would largely recommend getting yourself a Spotify decoration subscription. Believe me, It’s completely worth it!
. Thank you & Happy Harkening!)

Thanks for downloadingMutify.However, please shoot me a dispatch at the team, If there’s an issue or pointrequest.suthar1@gmail.com

► ► ► This is an open-source design. The law is distributed under MIT license and available on GitHub if you want to contribute or support the design

►►► If you love Mutify, please consider supporting the design on GitHub. ⬆;)
• Do not forget to leave your precious reviews and suggestions. It helps me to ameliorate the app further.

Disclaimer Mutify is a third-party app. The inventor is in no way combined with, authorized, maintained, patronized, or championed by Spotify AB. Metadata used and all other imprints are the property of Spotify AB and their separate owners. However, please communicate with me and I’ll take immediate action If there’s any trademark or brand violation that doesn’t follow within the Fair Use.

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