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New iPhone 12 Release In 2020 | You Need To Know Everything

New iPhone 12 release date, leaks, price, news and everything you need to know

The iPhone 12 will likely look different to the iPhone 11

Our definitive guide to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro leaks so far

Looking forward to the new iPhone? Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are likely just a couple of months away as we’re expecting the company to unveil its new phones in September.

That said, while September is the normal month, the Covid-19 pandemic may impact the iPhone 12 release date this year, so a delay is possible. There are a spread of sources debating whether or not there’ll be a delay, but at the time of writing we’re expecting to ascertain the phones launch before the end of 2020 at the very least, and September still looks very likely.

Ahead of that, Apple has already unveiled iOS 14, which is the big software upgrade we’re expecting to see on the iPhone 12 range. It’s almost certainly going to be running on the phones right out of the box, so that’s one element that we already know about.
What are we expecting from the iPhone 12 series beyond that? Well, this point there may even be four members of the family. There’s the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, all of which might be direct successors to the iPhone 11 range, on the other hand we’re also hearing talk of an iPhone 12 Max – an enormous screen handset without the professional credentials.

Plus, with talk about both 4G and 5G variants of some models, the choice of phones might be vast by Apple’s standards.

And it isn’t just the amount of phones which may change; the new iPhone is additionally expected to possess the most important design changes since the iPhone X eliminated the house button and introduced a notch back in 2017.

What iPhone 12 details can we learn from iOS 14?

So this could be one of the most exciting iPhone launches in years, and we have a very good idea of what to expect, as many of the specs and details have leaked – though of course they’re not yet confirmed, and some things are still unclear.

You’ll find everything we’ve heard below, and we’re also keeping this article constantly updated with all the latest new iPhone 12 leaks and rumors, so make sure to check back regularly if you would like to remain up so far on Apple’s next flagship.
Latest iPhone 12 news: A leak suggests that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max probably won’t have 120Hz screens after all, while elsewhere we’ve heard that mass production could be delayed by between four weeks and two months, which could also mean a delay in the announcement or on-sale date.


iPhone 12 key details

What is it? The new iPhone family from Apple
When is it out? Probably September, but it might be delayed
What will it cost? Expect $649 / £700 / AU$1,200 and up

When will the iPhone 12 come out?

The exact iPhone 12 release date may be a confusing topic; nothing has been made official yet, but we’re almost certain Apple are going to be unveiling its new iPhones before the top of 2020.

September is probably going to be when Apple unveils all four products, and in past years it’s often been the second week of the month. It’s nearly always unveiled on a Tuesday, and we’d put our money thereon being revealed on either September 8 or September 15.

In previous years, you’ve then been ready to devour the phone for yourself 10 days later. That’d mean it’s going to land on September 18 or September 25, but that’s looking less and fewer likely.

We can’t be as confident of those dates as in previous years as there’s an honest chance that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the assembly of the next iPhone.

The latest rumor states that mass production of the iPhone 12 range is between four weeks and two months behind schedule, which could mean a big delay, though Apple is apparently doing everything it can to minimize the delay.
Other rumors suggest the iPhone 12 will have finished its final testing by the end of June, and will enter mass production in July. If true then the range could be announced and even go on sale in September, but it might be that only some models land on day one, with a longer wait for others.

Staggering the discharge date of models are some things suggested by respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says it might likely be the larger models of the phone that might come later than September.
Another recent release date rumor meanwhile suggests November is likely when the handsets would go on sale, but that we may see the phones unveiled before that.

An executive at Broadcom (a manufacturer expected to provide iPhone 12 components) has also suggested a delay is probably going , while one report within the Wall Street Journal also suggested production of the iPhone 12 has been delayed by around a month.

Some sources even say it could slip into 2021 with Reuters also claiming a delay might be likely.


All of this said, we’ve also heard reports that had suggested that development would be unaffected, and there are other sources saying that the most manufacturing factories are fully staffed up. Plus, an executive at Foxconn (the main manufacturer of the iPhone) has said that the company aims to make up for lost time.

So, when will you get your iPhone 12? We can’t say for certain. For now our best guess is that’s it’s likely (though far from guaranteed) that the phones will be announced in September, but that you may have to wait a little longer than normal after the announcement before you can buy them.


What will be the worth of the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 price are some things that leaks have made a touch clearer than the discharge date, and from what we’re hearing it’s likely to remain broadly in line with 2019’s iPhone range.

For reference, the iPhone 11 started at $699 / £729 / AU$1,199, the iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999 / £1,049 / AU$1,749, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,099 / £1,149 / AU$1,899.

Prices for subsequent iPhone range probably won’t be precisely the same though, as you’ll see within the chart below, which contains information taken from one big leak from YouTuber Jon Prosser. We’ve also included information from another leak, which suggests there’ll be 4G variants of the primary two phones noted below.

Leaked prices





iPhone 12 4G


No leaked information

No leaked information

iPhone 12 5G



Not an option

iPhone 12 Max 4G


No leaked information

No leaked information

iPhone 12 Max



Not an option

iPhone 12 Pro




iPhone 12 Pro Max




There’s no clear information about prices for the united kingdom or Australia, but we’d expect those too to broadly fall in line with last year’s models if the knowledge above is accurate. That would mean a less expensive starting price for the essential model, among another differences, but nothing drastic.


Having said all that, one previous report suggested that the value of materials for the iPhone 12 range might go up, which could mean even higher prices at retail. We won’t know surely until Apple announces the costs on stage.

And however much the iPhone 12 range costs, you would possibly in some ways get less for your money, as it’s rumored that Apple won’t bundle free EarPods with them. We don’t expect Apple to contribute a pair of free AirPods to form up for that loss either.

Similarly, we’ve now heard that Apple won’t include an influence adapter either (though you’ll still get a charging cable). This could however mean costs will be reduced. It could also leave smaller packaging and make it lighter and thus cheaper to ship, though what proportion of this saving are going to be passed on to consumers is unknown.

iphone x, iphone xs, iphone xs max

What will the iPhone 12 look like?

Most leaks are now suggesting the iPhone 12 design is about to seem very different to the foremost recent products from Apple. Remember the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5? You may recognize a number of the weather , and there is even some elements of the iPad Pro 2020 mixed it.

Before we probe that further, you would like to understand that you’re going to have four models to settle on from, which means different sizes too. According to the foremost recent information on models, those are going to be the below:

iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch display
iPhone 12 Max with a 6.1-inch display
iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch display
iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display
The newest addition to an iPhone line are going to be a bigger mid-range device within the sort of the iPhone 12 Max. It looks set to possess a bigger screen size designed for those that don’t need to spend lots on an iPhone 12 Pro Max model.



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