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PUBG Mobile’s New Livik Map Update Is Now Available

PUBG’s growing popularity has finally made the franchise bring some updates to its mobile users.


With the 0.19 update of the sport, we get a replacement map and a barrage of the latest features.

The new PUBG Mobile update is now available for download on Android also as iOS. As always, all of your teammates will need to be updated to the newest version to be ready to match together. Season 14 will start on July 14, with the theme being ‘Spark the Flame’.
The biggest change is the addition of the new Livik map which is predicated within the Nordic region. It brings a mixture of terrains like ice-clad mountains, grasslands, deserts, and waterfalls, taking a page out of all the prevailing maps. it’s the littlest Classic map now available, spanning just 2km x 2km. A maximum of 52 players can play at a time, with the matches lasting about quarter-hour.


There are two map-exclusive weapons for Livik. First up is that the P90 SMG which features a 50 bullet clip size and uses 9mm bullets. Next up is that the Mk 12, which may be a designated marksman rifle. The SPAS shotgun that was spotted on the beta didn’t cut. Most interestingly, a monster truck has also been added which may re-evaluate all kinds of terrains with ease.


For the primary week, players also can participate in warm-up gameplay called Unranked Classic. this may allow them to see out the new updates without affecting their ranking.

Gameplay improvements include a definite notification for when the flare gun fails to summon an airdrop successfully. Players can set if they need to prioritize extended mags or quickdraw mags. While landing on the island, the altimeter now shows the precise distance to the bottom rather than a vague bar. The team leaders also will be reminded to mark a landing location before dropping.

There are plenty of other smaller changes added within the game. you’ll inspect the changelog on PUBG’s website.



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