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Google is rolling out a new file sharing feature for Android users.

Google brings a new feature, now Chinese file sharing app will not be needed


The company has named this new feature Nearly Share. Google may launch the new feature by August. This feature will be similar to the AirDrop feature offered in Apple iPhone smartphones. Meaning, Google will now make its file-sharing app available to Android smartphone users. Till now Android users used to resort to Chinese apps such as Shareit for file sharing, which India recently stopped due to national security reasons.

Android users will get the feature as an update package on the Play Store. Google will run this feature on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. According to the company, with the help of new features, users will be able to easily share files between Android devices wirelessly. According to the company, this process of file sharing will be quite safe. In Google’s new feature, users will be able to share videos, links, and other things with the file. When a device is in the range of Nearby, users will get a notification, by tapping on which the device will become visible. After this, users will be able to share data. The company has announced that a minimum operating system will be required for the new feature. The company gave this information after the beta version test.


Explain that AirDrop service is for Apple iOS and macOS users, with the help of which file and photo are transferred between Mac Computer and other iOS devices. During this time there is no need for any kind of e-mail or mass storage device. Google has announced a huge investment in India. The company will spend this amount of investment from education to the social sector.



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