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TOP 5 IOS 14 FEATURES That Should To You Recognize

TOP 5 IOS 14 FEATURES that ought to you recognize

Apple has unveiled the all-new iOS 14 with significant updates. they need revealed tons of things about their iPhones, Macbooks, and more within the yesterday WWDC 2020. And, we all know that the Apple Users are going to be happier after seeing the Software updates within the WWDC 2020. So, within the WWDC 2020, they need to bring some new features into the iOS 14. we’ll tell you about the highest 5 iOS 14 Features alongside the iOS 14 Download Size. And, we’ll also provide you with detailed information about the highest 5 Features of iOS 14 that ought to you recognize before downloading it. So, read the complete article to understand the way to Download iOS 14 and Top 5 iOS 14 Features.
iOS 14 Features

The iOS 14 comes with numerous exciting features, but here we’ll provide you with the highest 5 features of iOS 14 that you simply should know before upgrading to the iOS 14.

Updated Homescreen
New Widgets
Picture-in-Picture Video Support
Translate App
New Message Features

1 Trillion Memoji
Group & Maps
Updated App Store
Unlock Cars with iPhone NFC
So, these were the features that will be included within the iOS 14. But, we’ll provide you with detailed information about the highest 5 Features of iOS 14.
Top 5 Features of iOS 14
So, here are the highest 5 features which will provide iPhone users experience to a different level:

1. New Homescreen & Widgets

Apple has provided new customization to their iPhone Homescreen. Now, the users are going to be ready to look for apps and, alongside it, there’s an identical feature to Android, which is that the App Library. So, if you’ve got some similar apps, then you’ll be ready to create a folder by which you’ll access it in one tap. alongside it, iPhone Users are going to be getting App Suggestion which can assist you in locating the most-used apps. Yeah! we all know these features are already available in Android. Apple has also given some new and fresh widgets which can offer a premium look to your iPhone. you’ll be ready to set widgets on Homescreen to urge instant information.

2. PiP Video Support

So, finally, an important feature for the iPhone Users have come. we’ve seen that it’s available within the Android Smartphone. And, now the iOS 14 gets the Picture-in-Picture Support. So, you’ll be ready to watch videos within the background while running other apps. Users are going to be happy seeing this feature within the iOS 14.


The iOS 14 comes with redesigned Siri. a replacement UI and more intelligent Siri for all you to assist you throughout the day. The new Siri UI will attract users due to its compact design and doesn’t interfere with the whole screen. it’ll also provide a more intelligent answer to the users.

4. New Translate and Message App

The new iOS 14 brings the new Translate and Message App. So, the translate app will assist you in translation even once you are offline. this is often a useful feature. And, the Message App comes with a replacement conversation design. So, now you’ll be ready to pin a message with up to 9 chats. A trillion of Memoji has been added thereto with new masks, age, and stickers. Also, you’ll now get to ascertain group person images at a time, in-line reply, and mention them for direct message. Also, you’ll customize your Message app to say Only then you’ll get notified for less than those messages during which you’re mentioned.

5. New App Store and Unlock Car with iPhone NFC

The new iOS 14 comes with the new App Store where you’ll be ready to see small clips up to 10MB and by which you’ll get a transparent suggestion about the App that you simply are getting to download. this is often one among the cool features, and it’ll also help the developer in attracting users through their app video.

The iOS 14 comes with a singular feature that’s Car Key. So, you’ll be ready to unlock cars through the NFC available on your iPhone. The Car Key is going to be available in Digital Key which you’ll share with your friends & relatives. it’ll be interesting if you’re out and any of your friends and relatives want to require your car for the drive can easily take code from you then unlock the car with it. The Car Key will work with the upcoming BMW Series, Ford, and other companies that are performing on it.


How To Download iOS 14 Beta Apple has unveiled the iOS 14. And you’ll love the features. But, Apple has not released the iOS 14 for the general public as of now. So, if you would like to download iOS 14 Beta, then you’ve got to enroll for the iOS 14 Beta.

iOS 14 Download Size

The iOS 14 has been unveiled and certain to return with the iPhone 12 Series. And, the iOS 14 download size is predicted to be around 4GB.



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