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This Android Secret Codes Can Break Any Network Signal

Today we will share an interesting trick to break any network signal (which may not work for all smartphones). Most of the times if we want to avoid any calls we switch off the phone for which we can’t use the phone. But by using this trick you can use your phone by keeping your phone on flight mode.


But we will activate the SMS/Internet feature by keeping our phone in Flight mode. Follow the steps given below:



Step 1

Dial *#*#4636#*# to open the secret menu and click on the first option i.e. Phone Information


Step 2

Then you will get this type of screen and click on “Run Ping Test”. After that, you will get the ‘Host Unreachable’ under ‘Ping Hostname’ category because your phone is on flight mode. So scroll down and click on the “Turn On Radio” button.


Step 3

After completing Step 2 again click on “Run Ping Test” and you will get Pass signal this time which means you have access to the internet in Flight Mode also. But now if you want to activate the SMS feature to receive your OTPs or any other important messages then dial **21*xxxxxxxxxx#. Just replace the x with any disabled mobile number.


Step 4

To deactivate these services simply dial ##002# and all these services will be deactivated just like before.


Hopefully, this trick will help you to avoid such annoying calls without hampering your phone/internet usage.

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