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Messages by Google Getting Verified SMS Feature and Spam Protection

Google brought a new feature to its messaging app to stop spam messages and from now on it will show messages from verified businesses by displaying their logo, company name, also a verification badge. Verified SMS is slowly rolling out on Messages in nine countries that includes U.S., India, Mexico, Brazil, the U.K., France, Philippines, Spain and Canada and will be expanded to other regions soon.


According to Google“If you see a suspected spam warning in Messages you can help us improve our spam models by letting us know if it’s spam or not. You can also report spam texts in Messages at anytime, and block the conversation so you won’t receive future messages”.

“Verified SMS is just one of our efforts to improve your messages with businesses; we also continue to work on enhancing the chats you have on Messages with Rich Business Messaging (RBM)”

– Google Messages software engineer Roma Slyusarchuk says in a blog post.


The app will notify users by a popup on top, whenever they receive a suspected spam message or with some unknown and unsafe links via messages. Users may report directly those messages and they will not receive such messages from that user again.


“When Verified SMS is on and you receive a message from a business registered with Google, Google translates the message you receive into an unreadable authenticity code, all on your device. Then, Google compares this code with unreadable authenticity codes sent to Google by the business” – the company mentioned on the support page.

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