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Lower side Ecology Center is accepting e-waste at NYC pop-up sites through November

Making it a touch easier to recycle each weekend within the US’s biggest city

One of the countless impacts of the coronavirus pandemic is that it halted the NYC Department of Sanitation’s recycling program that picks up your e-waste by appointment. The program remains paused, and it isn’t set to resume its normal cadence of accepting e-waste at drop-off sites until a minimum of June 2021.

Thankfully, you’ve got a couple of short-term options if you would like to urge obviate some tech within the coming weeks.

Earlier within the pandemic, the Lower side (LES) Ecology Center drop-off site near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn permanently shut its doors. it had been one among the few drop-off sites in NY City that accepted and recycled e-waste, diverting 1 million pounds of e-waste from landfills in 2018, consistent with Christine Datz-Romero, LES Ecology Center co-founder and executive.

However, the LES Ecology Center is now partnering with recyclers to simply accept your e-waste — working or not — each weekend throughout November, with more dates likely happening within the future if case counts of COVID-19 remain low near the planned collection sites. These pop-up sites are going to be during a different location hebdomadally,



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