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Instagram DM Tricks: How to Add Special Effects to Instagram Messages

Did you recognize you’ll now use cool new computer graphics for your Instagram DMs?

With a recent software update, Facebook has merged Messenger with Instagram DMs, and since then the latter has received some cool new features like the power to line up a custom chat color, vanish mode, custom emoji reactions, etc. during this article, we’ll be telling you about one among these new features that came with the merger.


  • Add special effects in Instagram DMs
  • Now you can also save messages for quick replies
  • These features and more in the latest version of Instagram

Instagram DM: Add computer graphics to messages

You can now add computer graphics in Instagram DMs, whenever you reply to someone otherwise you send someone a replacement message. Follow these steps.

  1. First up, confirm that you simply have gotten the newest version of Instagram installed on your phone.
  2. Open any chat on Instagram and sort a message.
  3. Tap the magnifier on the left, next to the text entry field.
  4. You’ll now see four new effects to settle on from.
  5. Tap and choose the one you wish and that is it.
  6. Doing this may send a message alongside the effect.

Apart from this, you’ll also save messages to use as quick replies. to try to do that, follow these steps.

  1. To save a sent message, long-press thereon and tap Save.
  2. You’ll be asked to assign a shortcut, enter it, and hit Save.
  3. To save a received message, long-press thereon > tap More > tap Save. Assign a shortcut command thereto, and that is all.
  4. Now whenever you would like to send a fast reply, simply use the shortcut rather than typing the entire phrase.

This is how you’ll make the foremost out of Instagram DM’s by adding cool computer graphics and saving quick replies.




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