The year 2020 has been filled with surprises, whether we mention the lockdown or the tech industry. OnePlus has also given surprises by launching OnePlus Nord N100 and OnePlus Nord N10. Earlier, OnePlus wont to make only budget flagship devices. But now they need to start making mid-range devices also. However, during this article, we’ll be discussing the way to root OnePlus Nord N10. Before rooting OnePlus Nord N10, you’ll get to unlock the bootloader. Moreover, we’ll discuss the step-by-step guide on the way to unlock the bootloader in OnePlus Nord N10 and also the way to root it. So with none further ado, let’s head into the article.

What is Rooting?

what is rooting

Before rooting, you want to know what rooting is. we’ll briefly explain the entire concept of rooting for you. Rooting a tool gives the administrator permission to the user. A user with a rooted device has full access to the device and may install custom ROMs and a few applications that aren’t available for normal users. Rooting a tool has its pros and cons like – having full access to your device, installing custom ROMs, etc. and drawbacks include voiding the warranty and boot loop sometimes.

How to Unlock Bootloader in OnePlus Nord N10?

As said above, you’ll get to unlock the bootloader in OnePlus Nord N10 first. So allow us to begin with the prerequisites early.


  1. Full Backup as unlocking will erase all the info on your device.
  2. ADB & Fastboot drivers – DOWNLOAD
  3. Battery – 75% or more

Steps to Unlock Bootloader in OnePlus Nord N10:

step to unlock bootloader in one plus nord n10

  • Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC.
  • On your smartphone, head to Settings -> About Phone and there tap on “Build Number” 7-8 times to enable developer options.
  • Now return to Settings -> System -> Developer Options and enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.
  • Shutdown your device, then long-press the facility button and volume down button simultaneously to enter the fastboot mode.

how to root oneplus nord

  • Now connect your device to the PC.
  • Now open the ADB and Fastboot drivers folder and replace the situation tab text with “CMD” and hit enter.
  • Now type the below command to understand that’s your device is connected or not:

fastboot devices

  • If the output is a few random device ID, then you’re good to travel. However, if it doesn’t list your device, then attempt to reboot to bootloader and reconnecting your device.
  • Now enter the below command to proceed:

fastboot OEM unlock

  • The above command will send a prompt on your device.
  • Use volume keys and toggle for “Unlock the Bootloader” and press the facility button to pick.
  • Now all of your data are going to be wiped, and it unlocked devices, and your device will reboot automatically.

How to Root OnePlus Nord N10?

Now, as you’ve got an unlocked bootloader, you’ll proceed further for rooting your device. So now let’s begin with the way to root OnePlus Nord N10.


  1. Full backup
  2. Magisk Manager APK – DOWNLOAD
  3. Firmware – same as your device is running on.
  4. ADB & Fastboot Drivers
  5. Unlocked Bootloader

Steps to Root OnePlus Nord N10:

  • From downloaded firmware, extract it and find “boot. img” within the folder and transfer it to your smartphone.
  • Install the Magisk Manager app on your device.
  • Go to Magisk Manager app, click on Install -> Install, and choose “Select and Patch a file”.

how to root oneplus nord n10

how to root nord oneplus n10

  • Now locate the boot. img and choose it. it’ll start patching the file.
  • After patching, the file is going to be saved in Magisk folder names as “magisk_patched.img”.
  • Now copy the patched enter PC -> ADB folder and rename the file else .img.
  • Boot your smartphone to fastboot mode and using the equivalent steps given within the bootloader section.
  • Now on PC open the command window by replacing the situation tab text with “CMD” within the ADB folder.


  • Now make sure if the device is connected or not by the below command:
  • fastboot devices
  • Now enter the below command to flash the boot image:

fastboot flash boot boot. img

  • It will start flashing the file. After completion, reboot your phone into the system, and Voila you’ve got successfully rooted the device.


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