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How to invite people and create a group chat on Signal

Invite friends to hitch Signal

Your Signal contact list will show you who is already using the app. you’ll also invite your contacts to hitch Signal for a far better messaging experience. Friends don’t let friends chat insecurely!


  1. Open Signal > Menu > Invite friends.
  • Share with Contacts to send individual SMS.
  • Select contacts then tap Send SMS to Friends.
  • Choose the way to Share to use another app.
  • Select the opposite app. A draft message or post will appear with the invite link.


  1. Tap compose compose-outline-24.png.
  2. Choose Invite Friends to Signal.
  3. Choose Message or Mail; Message may send a gaggle MMS to your contacts.
  4. Tap a contact’s name to pick a contact. Contacts must have a telephone number or e-mail to be selected.
  5. Tap as many contacts as you’d like.
    Select wiped out the highest right corner. this may open the Messages or Mail app where you’ll edit or send the invitation.


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