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How to Install Multiple Apps directly on Your Windows PC

If you have a replacement Windows machine, or simply did a fresh install, this guide will assist you to install essential apps in one click.

The feeling of getting a replacement PC is great. What’s not great is that you simply got to install all the essential apps before you’ll start using the pc for your work. the method to look for and download apps one at a time can get tedious and annoying. But, what if we told you there are thanks to automating the entire process and install most of the apps you would like with one click? during this guide, we tell you ways to put in multiple apps on Windows using three different services.

How to install multiple apps directly on Windows

Before we plow ahead and share the list, you ought to know that there are a bunch of services that permit you to batch install Windows apps. However, not all of them are user friendly. thereupon said, inspect this software to put in multiple apps directly on Windows.


Ninite is one of the simplest services that allows you to found out a PC from scratch. Follow these steps.

Visit ninite.com on your PC.
Scroll down a touch to see out the app catalog on offer.
The list of software on Ninite has most of the apps anyone would wish, but it’s going to not have all of them. for instance, if you employ niche apps like Vivaldi browser or mainstream ones like Photoshop, these cannot be installed via Ninite at now.
Tick those that you simply would want to put in.
Scroll down and click on Get Your Ninite.
Now a combined installer for all the apps you chose is going to be downloaded on your computer. Run it to put in all of them in one go.

Patch My PC

Patch My PC is additionally an honest alternative that allows you to download multiple apps directly on Windows. However, unlike Ninite that works directly via an internet site, you would like to download Patch My PC on your computer. Follow these steps.

Download Patch My PC Home Updater.
Install Patch My PC on your computer and open it.
Select the apps that you simply need. Once done, hit the install button at the highest to travel ahead.
Besides, Patch my PC also allows you to uninstall multiple programs directly. Simply hit the Uninstall button. Now, press control and mark the apps that you want to uninstall in bulk. Click Uninstall to proceed.
You can also install pending app updates by clicking Perform Updates.


Similar to Patch My PC, you will need to download the exe file for RuckZuck also. Follow these steps.

Visit ruckzuck.tools and under Downloads, click ruckzuck.exe to download it.
Open Ruckzuck.The interface is pretty straightforward. Hit Install New Software. On a subsequent page, you will find apps organized in categories.
Open any category > choose multiple applications by pressing control and selecting them > once done, hit Start installation and therefore the apps will begin downloading.
That’s it after your apps are downloaded, they’re automatically installed on your computer.
Bulk installing essential apps saves tons of your time when fixing a replacement Windows PC. does one know if the other thanks to quickly install multiple apps on Windows? allow us to know via the comments.



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