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How to Hide Chat In Telegram App On Android/ iOS

Instant messaging apps became a blessing in disguise for us all. We hardly can imagine our lifestyle with no such application.WhatsApp and Telegram are amongst such market leaders when it involves such instant messaging platforms.

However, WhatsApp has been taking tons of warmth thanks to its newly announced privacy policy.
And since privacy may be a major concern amongst the masses, people have started searching for options. A surge has been within the Telegram and Signal Messaging app’s user base in recent weeks. Telegram is one among the foremost feature-rich messaging application which may be downloaded on both Android and iOS platforms. Since we are speaking of privacy, one of the foremost useful features which Telegram offers is that the choice to hide chats without deleting them. it is not much of a task to cover the chats in Telegram. there’s a fanatical feature which will allow you to cover conversation with any contact from the most screen. it’s worth mentioning that WhatsApp is yet to announce a feature to cover conversations. the sole way you’ll work around it’s by deleting. If you’re using Telegram and are unaware of the way to hide chats, the subsequent is what you would like to do:

the way to Hide Conversations In Telegram

Step 1: confirm to possess a registered account on Telegram before you plow ahead with all the steps. Open the app then attend the homepage.
Step 2: Swipe left on any contact whose chat/conversation you would like to archive.
Step 3:Once contact is archived it’ll be hidden from the most conversation window.
Step 4: you’ll locate the ‘Archive’ folder right the highest of the contact list. you’ll hide    this by swiping left on the tab
. Step 5: To bring back the ‘Archive’ folder, refresh the most conversation screen.




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