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How to hide apps on iPhone

Clear some of your space

Apple’s iOS is sleek, powerful, and a touch restrictive in how it handles your apps and residential screens. Thankfully, iOS 14 is making some big changes to the app icon organization.

We’ve already put together an inventory of iOS 14 tips and tricks to assist you to get the foremost out of subsequent big software update, but what if you only want to cover apps that you simply don’t use often enough to require up room on your home screen?

On iOS 13 and below, your only options are to feature icons to folders, then nudge those off onto other home screens – out of sight, and out of mind. Thankfully, iOS 14 offers more freedom, even allowing you to get rid of them from home screens entirely.

Here’s how you’ll hide those apps in iOS 14 and what you’ll neutralize the meantime while you await that next software update to land.

Manage Your Home Screens

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The home screens on the iPhone are often full to the brim with applications we use once during a while or every other month.

That means that while your primary view once you unlock your phone could be tidy enough, you’ll little question have the familiar array of cluttered screens just a swipe away.

Thankfully, iOS 14 will let users manage home screens far more effectively. When entering “jiggle mode” (the mode that lets players drag icons around), multiple dots appear between the dock and therefore the remainder of your icons.

By tapping these, you’ll be ready to hide or show as many of your home screens as you wish.

Find Your Apps within the App Library

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Hiding home screens won’t delete your apps, so don’t worry about losing data or wanting to download all again.

While you won’t be ready to swipe over to them within the traditional sense, you’ll still be ready to swipe over to the proper to seek out the new App Library.

Here you’ll see your apps divided into App Store categories (although these don’t always accurately convey the app type), and shown in four “quadrants”. These aren’t folders like you’d see on your home screen, though.

Instead, the three larger icons will take you straight into the app, while the smaller ones open the category to point out more apps.

If you’ve got quite a few categories and aren’t curious about trying to seek out them, you’ll also use the handy search bar at the highest of the App Library. this may allow you to find the app within seconds, just by typing the primary few letters of its name.



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