5 Way to Check WhatsApp Messages Without Getting Caught

check whatsapp messages without getting caught

The smartphone is a blessing to have conversations and to stay connected with everyone. But this would not be a blessing every time. Generally, we all use WhatsApp to chat with people. We love to text our friends and family. And we also want to check WhatsApp messages without knowing them.

When we receive a message and read it on WhatsApp the sender will come to know that you have read the message by the blue tick feature of WhatsApp. Some of the time we just do not want to reply to someone or we will be thinking of what to reply to their message. In that case, if we read the messages they will come to know that we have read them and they may think that we are not replying to them or they may feel ignored. So, we all want to check WhatsApp messages without letting the user know. Now, how to check messages secretly?

Here are a few ways to check WhatsApp messages without getting caught without installing any apps.

  • Check the default notification history.
  • Turn off the read receipt.
  • Use WhatsApp with an aeroplane mode.
  • Using the WhatsApp widget
  • Offline Chat App -no last seen, blue tick for WhatsApp

Read WhatsApp Messages Secretly By Checking The Default Notification History

We can read the WhatsApp messages from the notification bar without getting caught by the sender. We all get a kind of joy when we clear the notification bar. Let’s not sacrifice our fun of clearing the notification bar. The great news is we can access all the notifications even after clearing them!

Android 11 provides the default notification history feature to its users. You will get all the notifications that you have received in 24 hours at one place.

How to enable the notification history?

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to Apps and Notifications or Click on search.
  • Click on Notifications or Type notification history in search.
  • Click on notification history.
  • If the feature is not enabled then enable it or turn it on.

Check whatsapp messages by notification history

check whatsapp messages through notification history

Now you are good to go. You can access all the notifications in settings. You can read your WhatsApp messages there without any blue ticks to the sender and without being online as well.

Turn Off The WhatsApp Read Receipt

Turning off the read receipt of WhatsApp is one of the simplest ways to avoid blue tick.

  • Go to WhatsApp settings.
  • Go to Account.
  • Go to Privacy.
  • Turn off the Read Receipt.

off read receipt on whatsapp

When you check WhatsApp messages with read receipt off the sender won’t be able to get whether you have read the message or not. Turning off the read receipt is nothing but turning off the blue tick but not the online status.

Read WhatsApp Messages With An Aeroplane Mode.

Reading WhatsApp messages by turning on your phone’s aeroplane mode would be the easiest way to check WhatsApp messages secretly.

read whatsapp messages without knowing him

Whenever you receive a WhatsApp message just turn on the aeroplane mode of your smartphone. Then you will be disconnected from the mobile data. Just check the message and exit from the app before turning off the aeroplane mode if your read receipt is on. By reading the WhatsApp messages with this technique, the sender won’t get the blue tick and your problem is solved without any online status.

Use Widget To Check WhatsApp Messages

Another way of checking WhatsApp messages without letting the sender know is to use the WhatsApp widget.

  • Go to Widgets on the home screen.
  • Search and select the WhatsApp widget (4×2).
  • Add it to your home screen.

read whatsapp messages from whatsapp widgets

You can check the unread messages through the WhatsApp widget without getting caught by the user. When you read the messages here the user will not get a blue tick and there won’t be any online status.

But If you click on the message it will take you to the app. Then the sender will get a blue tick. So, make sure not to click on the message or notification on the widget.

Offline Chat App- no last seen, Bluetick for WhatsApp

All the four processes that you read. That you can do it without any app, But if anyone wants to know that can we check WhatsApp messages without knowing the other people through an app. Then install this app from the play store – Offline Chat -no last seen, blue tick for WhatsApp

Offline Chat -no last seen, blue tick for WhatsApp

Even you can reply to the messages from this app. And you can use many features of this app like status download, status download for business, and direct message.

Offline Chat App For Whatsapp

The above-mentioned tricks are very handy if you want to read WhatsApp messages without getting caught by the sender. Give them a try as they do not demand you to install any third-party applications and make the best use of the hidden features of smartphones. These tricks are beneficial for you only when you are a receiver but they are going to piss you off if you are a sender.


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