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Google will Launch “Kormo” App for Job Seekers in India

Google’s Korrmo App is set to launch in India for entry-level job seekers in India. The app was previously launched in Bangladesh in September, last year. Earlier this year, the app was also introduced in Indonesia. The company is running a pilot project in India for a few months through its ‘Next Billion Users’ (NBU) division. The app name comes from a Bengali word “Kormo” which means ‘Work’.


In a press statement on Monday, Bickey Russell, the Project Lead for Next Billion Users, said: “Since we launched Kormo in Bangladesh in 2018 and in Indonesia this year, we’ve connected over 50,000 job seekers to jobs from hundreds of employers who use Kormo for their hiring needs, specifically entry-level jobs”. According to him, “Because finding employment is a real need across different markets, we’re looking to bring the same service to countries like India”.


Kormo is available for download from the Official Google Playstore. The app will help you to create your digital CV, apply to better jobs, learn new skills through free training with the help of videos, articles and courses. Users can find jobs according to their preferred location, interests, skills and abilities. It will be a great place for both employers and job seekers. The app is being developed by Area 120, an incubator for Google’s experimental projects.


App Features:

— Discover recommended jobs
— Apply for jobs you like right from the Kormo app
— Follow your job application progress in Kormo app
— Build your digital CV & share right from the app
— Learn new skills and earn more

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