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Appscope_5 Secret Android Apps Not On The PLAYSTORE!!


Appscope is a slick ‘app store’ for Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) are fancy web-based applications that can mimic some of the functionality of native apps while taking up minimal storage space on your device. Because they’re so small, they’re pretty great alternatives to installing apps you’d use infrequently. Discovering which services you use have PWAs can be tricky, though — and that’s where Appscope comes in.

Appscope is, as its developers describe it, an “app store for PWAs.” It’s not really a store — you don’t use it to buy things — but its interface should feel familiar to anyone who’s navigated other mobile app repositories. There are categories, featured apps, and a search function, much like you’d find on something like the Play Store.

A lot of big name services have PWAs, like TwitterFacebook, and Google Photos, to name a few. Appscope itself is even a PWA — you can add it to your homescreen and access it like any other app.

There are other sites that perform a similar function to Appscope, but none do it quite so well (or stylishly). Head over to appsco.pe to take a look.


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