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Apower Mirror : Control Android From PC or Mac Using Your Mouse and Keyboard .

ApowerMirror is a wireless screen mirroring app that can be used to control and cast Android phones to PC, Mac, Smart televisions ( Television box) with AUDIO.

Apower mirror allows you to connect and image your phone to PC via USB or WiFi, and you can ever control Android from PC or Mac using your mouse and keyboard. Also, it offers fresh features for you to record the screen, take screenshots, add notes, and more.

 apower mirror

Crucial Features

🏆 Mirror Android to PC with Audio                                                                      ApowerMirror allows you to control and cast Android to PC with audio now! No need for an AUX string, it can truly achieve audio and videotape synchronization while screen mirroring. Using this, you can freely stream vids, display apps, share meeting content, or play Android games from PC or Mac in full-screen mode.

🏆 Cast Phone to Television                                                                                        This screencasting app also does well in screen mirroring Android to Television. You can enjoy videos and other screen conditioning on a bigger Television screen with it. It supports TVs like Sony TV, LG TV, Philips TV, Sharp TV, Hisense TV, Xiaomi MI TV, and other TVs running Android Zilches. The screen sharing can be achieved fluently and you can cast phones by bus- discovery, Leg law, or QR law. Formerly connected, you can also use ApowerMirror as a remote control.

apower mirror

🏆 AirCast- Screen Mirror Between Different Networks                                             This advanced point allows screen mirroring between Devices that can not be connected to the same network. However, indeed if you’re located in different places and on different network connections, you can partake the screen with each other, If you use this point. This can be used to image phone to phone, cast phone to PC, and sluice PC to phone.

🏆 Mirror & Control Phone from Phone                                                                  ApowerMirror is also a good screen mirroring app to glass phone to phone or tablet. You can also control the phone from another phone using ApowerMirror, to partake your lines with your followership more efficiently.

🏆 Mirror PC to Phone or Tablet                                                                                  This amazing screen mirroring tool also enables you to project an image PC to a phone. You can display your computer screen to your phone and control your PC from your phone. With that, you can pierce all lines on your computer and indeed use PC programs on your phone in no hassle.

apower mirror

🏆 Control Android from PC/ Mac                                                                             When screen mirroring Android to PC/ Mac, you can take full control of the screen with your mouse and keyboard. Thus, you’re suitable to partake in PPT with your associates, enjoy pictures on a bigger screen, or play phone games similar to Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, and other games on the computer.

🏆 Record & Capture Phone Screen                                                                            ApowerMirror can also be used as a screen archivist as it enables you to record all the conditioning on your phone screen seamlessly while screen mirroring. Nonetheless, it’s able of taking a screenshot with one click anytime you want during screen mirroring.

Suitable for Colorful Screen Reflecting Occasions                                                      * Particular use ☑️                                                                                                        * Business meeting ☑️                                                                                                   * Online class/ Education ☑️                                                                                            * Live streaming from Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.                      * Pictures/ Sports videotape mirroring ☑️                                                                        * Donation ☑️

👇 Supported Devices:                                                                                                  1. Windows & Mac                                                                                                        2. Android & iOS                                                                                                            3. Smart TV Sony, Sharp, Philips, Hisense, Skyworth, Xiaomi, LG, etc.                                  4. Bias with erected-in DLNA or AirPlay protocol. Some projectors and auto defenses.



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