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Alexa Can Now Express Both Excitement and Disappointment

Amazon has recently improved the voice of Alexa and developers can implement “happy/excited” or “disappointed/empathetic” tone in the US as of now. The news style of Alexa voice is 31% more natural and music style of Alexa’s new voice is 84% more natural.

Alexa can respond in a happy/excited tone when a customer answers a trivia question correctly or wins a game. Also, it can respond in a disheartening voice when sports score and their favourite team has lost or letting customers know any sad news.


“Speaking styles are curated text-to-speech voices designed to create a more delightful customer experience for specific content. For example, the news speaking style makes Alexa’s voice sound similar to what you hear from TV news anchors and radio hosts.”

Amazon said this in a blog post.


Alexa Emotions: Excited – Low Intensity


Alexa Emotions: Excited – Medium Intensity


Alexa Emotions: Excited – High Intensity


Alexa Emotions: Disappointed – Low Intensity


Alexa Emotions: Disappointed – Medium Intensity


Alexa Emotions: Disappointed – High Intensity


News (US) Standard Voice


News (US) Speaking Style


News (AU) Standard Voice


News (AU) Speaking Style


Music (US) Standard Voice





Music (US) Speaking Style

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