10 Unique Android Apps on the Playstore.

Unique Android Apps

Android is coming every year with its new updates and is making itself the best.

But do you know as always what is most important in making Android the best?
Applications, Apps are made daily and launched on the Playstore, and because of this, Android is becoming better day by day. And by choosing from these best apps, we have made a list of the 10 Unique Android Apps on the Playstore for you.

10 Unique Android Apps on the Playstore:-

Quotes Widget

unique Android apps

This is the first app in the list of unique Android apps on the play store, which is very useful and unique. Quotes Widget is a free, secure, announcement-free, ergonomic, and featherlight contrivance with stylish hand-picked quotations. Make any simple home screen look inspirational.
It only includes stylish hand-favored motivational quotations for you. It’s designed primarily to make any normal home screen look inspirational.

unique Android apps unique Android apps unique Android apps

Getting Started: Go to contraptions by long-pressing on your home screen. Now long- press and drag Quotes from the contraptions list and place it on your home screen. Elect suitable settings and click the’ Apply’ button.

Download Quotes Widget

Hi Translate – Chat translator

unique Android apps


Here is the second app in the list of unique Android apps. As soon as you activate the Hi translate, after allowing all the permissions, the floating button will appear on the home screen. After this you don’t have to do anything, just remember some simple steps and you can enjoy this Hi translation app comfortably. Simply, you have to drag the floating button visible on the home screen to the place where you are not able to understand the word, line, or a full paragraph.

unique Android apps unique Android apps unique Android apps

Now whether it is a massage or the lines of a web page. Whenever you need restatement during your peregrination, business passages, or while studying a language just bring Hi Translate, a smart cross-application translator which can translate multiple languages for you.

Most favorite language translator for text translation and imagine translation. Language-free translator, speak and voice translator, WhatsApp, and Messenger translator which allows you to translate all languages like English to Arabic translator and numerous others.

Download Hi translate


unique Android apps

here is the next app in the list of unique Android apps which is GCamator. You can find and download the best Google Camera version for any of your Android devices using Gcamtor.

Gcamtor will help you to install the most compatible version of the Camera, for your device. Application has a remote database, where stored Camera applications for almost 300 devices at this moment.

Earlier we used to download any G cam by just searching on google and when our android smartphone may not work under we thought Gcam was only for pixel devices and not for any other phones But it is not so, now with the help of gcamtor we will get the best version G cam for our phones.

unique Android appsunique Android appsunique Android apps

* Application will detect Camera2Api status automatically and will inform you about that
* On the second tab, the application will recognize your device data and give you the relevant version of the Camera for your device.
* You could try to go to the third tab and download the relevant version manually.

Download GCamator

Price History

unique Android apps

So next app on our unique Android apps list is Price History is a free-to-use platform for tracking the price of products. Price History for Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & Further. is a free Shopping app.

It’s easy to download and install on your mobile phone. Price History allows you to check the major prices for billions of products from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, PaytmMall, Snapdeal, AJIO, Koovs, Jabong & Numerous Further Stores for Free. You might have seen price oscillations in these big-eCommerce stores? Have not you? One day you see a product listed for a lower price and another day you come back to buy the same product and the price is increased? This is a veritably common problem with nearly every product and every store.

Most people want to buy products at the stylish possible price, that is where Price History kicks in. We track the price of products for you! You just enter the URL on The App.

unique Android appsunique Android appsunique Android apps

All in one shopping app!
Price Tracker for Multiple Stores!
Check up to 1 Year of Historic Prices with Just One Tap!
Set Alerts for Price Drops!
Set Alerts for Stock Notifications!
Get the Latest Product Drops and Buy them at Best Price!
Like Products for Quick Access!
Predicted Price Drop Chances!
Share Price History with your Friends or Family!
Measure area, land, measure the length

Download Price History


unique Android apps

GLandMeasure is the Next Application of Our list of unique Android apps. GLandMeasure is a free app for measuring areas and lengths that can be used to measure land, farm, field, home, distance, and length measurement easily.

unique Android apps unique Android apps unique Android apps

With the method of pinning on the map Or using the actual walking method Which the app will calculate the area And length automatically You can also choose from several types of measurement units. And can also be able to easily share images of the area Just a few steps.

Download GLandMeasure

Mark – Auto Screenshot deleter

unique Android apps

Here is the next app in the list of unique Android apps which is Mark – Auto Screenshot deleter.
Mark helps you to store solely those screenshots which you really want to store in your phone by marking the temporary screenshots.

In just one tap, you can mark the screenshot to get automatically deleted at a specified time no need to go through your screenshot directory again to pinch out those useless and transient screenshots that you just took for 2 min use only.

unique Android apps unique Android apps unique Android apps

After you have taken the screenshot, you will be notified with a notification with a button ‘YES’. Just click on the ‘YES’ button if you want that screenshot to get deleted automatically.

And you can define your own deleting time in Mark app after which the screenshot will be deleted. You can also use the “Auto clear option” to robotically cancel/clear the notification after 40 seconds if being ignored.

Download Mark – Auto Screenshot deleter

Split Screen Shortcut

unique Android apps

Who does not know about split screens nowadays? The Android Oreo shortcut to activate split-screen mode by long-pressing the overview AKA recent apps button was removed in Android Pie.
This app fixes that. And here is our Split Screen Shortcut app in the list of unique Android apps. At the time of Pendamic, split-screen has helped many people and may have helped the students to pass the exams with good marks.

unique Android apps unique Android apps

Most of the students used to give answers to all the questions by using split-screen during their classes.

This app adds optional shortcuts to toggle Android’s split-screen mode like:

• long-pressing the home button
• long-pressing the back button
• long-pressing the overview button
• tapping the accessibility button
• tapping on a notification in the notification drawer
• pinnable shortcut to toggle split-screen mode (intended to be used by 3rd party apps like

Download Split Screen Shortcut 

SplitCloud Double Music – Play two songs at once

unique Android apps

You must have seen a lot of different and different types of music players, but today I am going to show one such app in my list of unique Android apps.

whose name is SplitCloud Double Music Player If you ever had to share headphones with a friend or partner, this app is for you! If you ever travel with your loved one or your friend and you have only one earphone and you both want to listen to music And if the music of both of you is different, then a different problem becomes at that time So, at that time, you can come out of this problem by using our split cloud apps.
Access all SoundCloud® music plus all the songs saved on your device Music Library.

unique Android apps unique Android apps unique Android apps

All the Features ✨

🎵Multiple Playlist support – create your custom playlists
🔍 Search for any song or user profile from SoundCloud®
📂 Browse all your music organized by folders
✈️ Search and listen to all songs and albums stored on your phone
📻 Listen to thousands of online radios worldwide for every genre
📈 Explore Popular and Trending Charts and discover more music
🎧 Use SplitCloud as a regular music player when you don’t need to share
🎚 Independently adjustable volumes for each player
🔀 Shuffle and repeat your songs
☁️ Save your favorite playlist to your SoundCloud account
✔️ Preview any song by pressing and holding gesture
✔️ Invert audio channels to invert the R / L channel output when using split mode.

Download SplitCloud Double Music Player

Volume Styles – Custom Volume Panel Slider & Theme

unique Android apps

here is the next app in the list of unique Android apps which is volume Styles with Themes gives you the option to control and operate volume operators according to your needs and taste.

Take full control and enjoy all the features that you cannot enjoy without spending lots of bucks otherwise. We give it to you for free. Add colors to your devices and your day-to-day life with our volume styles by downloading our free android app.
When you land into the app it welcomes you by saying customize your volume styles Then comes the next screen where you have to permit the volume styles app by adding permissions.

When you are done with that, simply go to the select styles tab and when you click it, you will land on the styles page where you can easily select a style for the volume panel of your choice.

unique Android apps unique Android apps unique Android apps

Our versatile volume style app is can help you to customize your device’s volume panels and the sliders quickly and easily. Change the themes and apply volume styles for iOS, Android, change them every day, and add a taste of different technologies to your day-to-day life.

The options are:

• New Style
• Waves
• Android 10
• Modern Style
• iPhone 11
• Minions
• Jewelry
• Gradient X1

Download volume Styles 

Vyng – Social Video Caller ID

unique Android apps

The last and most unique app on our unique Android apps list is Vyng is a free Social dialer where you can customize what plays on your friend’s lock screen when you ring them.

Install Vyng to be a part of the futuristic phone call revolution! Set Vyng as your default calling app to sprinkle some sophistication to dialing someone! Experience baffling HD Full-Screen Video and True Caller ID feature with our app.

unique Android apps unique Android appsunique Android apps

Vyng lets users see custom videos of who is calling, even if it’s a spam call! Blacklist numbers and block spam calls on this caller app.

Download Vyng


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